The Most Beautiful Porn Stars

If you like video content for adults, discover the top 3 princesses of the Universe in this industry:

1. Cicciolina is an Italian actress and porn star who has riveted the attention of fans with irresistible appearance. However, the biography of this unusual woman also includes decent work as a member of parliament. Cool!

The real name of this hot woman is Anna Ilona Staller. The future star was born in Budapest. As a teenager, she worked in a modeling agency, dreaming, like all models, about more. Later, la Cicciolina confessed to journalists that in the 1960s she worked as a maid at the Intercontinental Hotel, the only place where foreign diplomats stayed in the capital of then Hungary. The task of the blond beauty was to memorize information about foreigners and transfer information to local intelligence.

It seemed that career on a catwalk did not bring fame to the girl. But as they say, you never know: in the early 1970s, she moved to Italy where met the well-known Riccardo Schicchi, director of pornographic films. At the same time, the nickname of Cicciolina appeared, under which a couple of years later the whole world would recognize the girl.

2. Sasha Grey (actually Marina Ann Hentsis) started acting in porn movies at eighteen years old. As she confessed once, this was her dream since childhood: Marina was eleven when she first saw an adult film, and since then has only been striving for that. To the journalists’ questions about the reasons for her desire to become a porn star, she replies that she always felt a great sexual energy in herself. In addition, films for adults, which she watched, seemed to her not exciting enough. “I want to satisfy any, even the wildest fantasies of the audience,” Sasha once admitted in an interview.

3. Tori Black. A native of American Seattle, brown-eyed brunette (real name is Michelle Chapman) is a record holder of pornographic films: more than three hundred ones and several prizes, original Oscars – CAVR Hottie of the Year Award and FAME Favorite Rookie Starlet Award. Tori is on the list of the most popular porn stars. Experts in this industry consider Black Cat’s best role in the Batman XXX porno. She started acting in adult movies during her student years to pay for college. Now the woman is single, raising two children.

The list is a long one, but maybe it is time to make your own on the base of your favorite films.


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