The Most Common Typos When Searching For Porn

People are often in hurry to find their favorite content. And in our case, this is not just a plain video, but really a cool thing.

Do you know that in 2017 the world’s largest thematic web platform PornHub at the request of journalists of the domestic Masháble media prepared a list of the most common spelling errors and typos that American users do when searching for porn on the Internet? The results were quickly picked up by all the foreign news agencies and different websites.

So what are the most wide-spread gaps in a hope to watch something really enjoyable, a forbidden fruit? Here the list:

  • Studying the different regions of the US it turned out that in more than a dozen states, porn lovers mislabeled the word “porn” in the search engine. They miss past “n” and write porm instead of correct spelling.
  • The second most common mistake users make when searching for anime porn “hentai.”
  • Also in a hurry, users write lesbiam or lesian, carton instead of cartoon (probably when looking for animated porn), wbony instead of ebony (porn with black models), amaturr and anature instead of amateur (amateur videos),
  • The third place in rating go to compliation instead of compilations, when we are talking about video cutting, and philipino instead of filipino, when looking for videos with Filipino actresses.
  • According to the resource in May 2017, requests with words Fidget hand spinner increased by 282 percent. In two and a half weeks, over 2.5 million thematic videos with a toy demonstration were published on porn channels.

I was impressed with the results and decided to discuss them with my friends. And it was not about whether they were watching or not, but about how many are interested in staged sex? What makes it so attractive? The discussion was vivid. It is clear that adult films are shot by adults. The videos are based probably on the psychology of desires, the realization of a dream, the achievement of a specific goal.

One girl expressed her opinion. She believes that this genre is useful to watch films for both men and women. And they do not necessarily have to be alone. By the way, not the fact that porn content is most often watched by lonely people. People who have a regular partner or partner, just watch this movie. This is the easiest way to relax, remove the accumulated both physical and emotional fatigue.

Another guy said that he and his wife like to watch “strawberry” online together. It excites them, introduces new feelings in their relationship and they see nothing wrong with that. His spouse knows that sometimes he can watch this movie himself and has nothing against it.

So it’s no wonder that users globally are in hurry expecting this type of virtual entertainment. It’s not a language lesson, after all.

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