Facts About The Porn Industry That Will Amaze You

Due to its reputation, the industry of pornography receives much less coverage than conventional types of business. This is why its real revenue figures may come as a shock. Indeed, porn is extremely popular, and extremely lucrative, despite all the public condemnation. A forbidden fruit is too good to resist. If you have never taken an interest in the inner workings of porn, these few facts will surely surprise you:

  • Sex is the world’s most profitable industry

Sex is the world’s largest and most profitable industry. Aside from porn, it includes street prostitution, strip clubs, and phone sex. Roughly 13,000 adult videos are produced each year, which translates into over $13-billion-dollar profit. Try comparing that with Hollywood, which raked mere 8.8 billion for its 507 movies. The industry is reported to make more profit than the three largest media networks – NBC, CBS, and ABC – combined, and more than top tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Netflix.

  • Most men watch or have watched porn

Of course, in some remote corner of the world, you might be able to find a man unfamiliar with pornography. However, when a researcher from the University of Montreal tried to find males in their 20’s who have never consumed porn, he failed to find even one such specimen.

According to United Families, between the ages of 18 and 24, 70 percent of men visit online porn resources at least once a month. It is also interesting that men tend to focus on a female’s face when viewing porn videos, rather than any other parts of her body.

  • Most porn material comes from the USA

The political superpower is also the most prolific producer of pornography on DVDs and as web content; Germany comes second. In fact, somewhere in America, a new porn movie is created every 39 minutes. The nation is also an avid lover of porn, with over 68 million porn-related searches per day – that amounts to a quarter of all daily searches!

  • Porn is incredibly popular

And it is no exaggeration. For what purpose do you think the Internet is accessed most often? It is estimated that porn constitutes about half of all Internet content, and at any given second there are as many as 30 million unique visitors watching porn.

In the United Kingdom, online porn is reported to receive more traffic than all the social networks, gaming, shopping, travel, and finance. In the USA, as much as 20% of adult males admit accessing naughty content while at work, which explains why the largest portion of all porn traffic occurs on workdays from 9 to 5.

  • Porn actresses are paid more

Male performers, on the other hand, make considerably less. However, homosexuals have more ways to boost income: gay porn pays as much as three times more than straight porn.

  • Porn is educational

Recently conducted studies have revealed that teenagers all around the world use porn content as a source of knowledge about sex.

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